If you don't know where you're going, you'll probably end up somewhere else.

...David Campbell


The Perfect Career
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Developed by James C. Gonyea


The Perfect Career Interest Inventory
Developed by James C. Gonyea
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Confused about a career direction? Having difficulty selecting your first career goal, or making a mid-life career change?  If so, you've come to the right place!


The Perfect Career Interest Inventory will help you select a career direction that matches your interests.  Our inventory is ideal for high school and college students planning their first career, as well as adults in career transition - and it's free!


How our program works...


First - Complete our interest inventory - it takes about 30 minutes.  Our inventory will introduce you to 252 activities found in our World of Work.  You'll select those activities that are interesting to you and rate your level of interest in each activity.


Second -  After completing our inventory, you will immediately receive a personalized interpretation report which you may view on screen or print.  Based on your inventory selections and ratings, you'll graphically see how strong your interests are in 21 major career fields and learn about matching occupations.


This step will help you identify those career fields where you are most likely to find truly enjoyable work.

Third - Drawing from our database of 800+ occupations, our interpretation report will contain a list of job titles that match your interests. In addition, you may add any occupation from our database (that we didn't suggest) to your list to produce a final list of career options that you want to explore as possible career goals.

Our interpretation report will help you create a starting point and focus for your own career exploration.

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